gUnify Launches Salesforce Connector for BroadSoft and Google Chrome
gUnify Salesforce Connector integrates Salesforce CRM information with BroadSoft's hosted unified communications platform and Google Chrome with IP connected devices.
Posted Jun 19, 2014
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gUnify yesterday released the gUnify Salesforce Connector, which integrates with BroadSoft and Google Chrome.

The fully cloud-based gUnify Salesforce Connector enables Salesforce users to fully integrate their Salesforce CRM information with BroadSoft's hosted unified communications platform and Google Chrome with IP connected devices.

The gUnify Salesforce Connector facilitates a one-time setup that connects the Salesforce CRM and BroadSoft's unified communications services through a single login. Being built on the Chrome browser allows incoming calls to be displayed in screen pops regardless of where the users are in regard to their desktop environment. Chrome does not have to be running for the screen pops to display.

The gUnify Salesforce Connector provides click-to-dial in a Chrome browser for connection through a BroadSoft service provider. Productivity tools include the option to answer, decline, send the call to voicemail, in-call progress screen pop with call log window options, missed call screen pop with call back, or call back and open call log window options. Call tagging and note taking for all inbound/outbound calls are recorded in the Salesforce contact or lead activities.

"Evolve IP is extremely excited about the strategic partnership with gUnify, which will further differentiate Evolve IP from the competition as the leading cloud services company. The addition of gUnify will enhance our Unified Communications offering for prospects and customers with both the Salesforce CRM Connector and Google Apps integration to the Evolve IP hosted voice platform," said Michael Hamilton, manager of unified communications at Evolve IP, in a statement. "These integrated apps from gUnify connect world-class cloud platforms of Evolve IP, Google, and Salesforce.com to provide end users with more UC features right at their fingertips, which will increase the adoption rate."

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