Yellowfin Launches Data Preparation Module
Yellowfin's Data Preparation Module will enable organizations to model, profile, clean, shape, enrich, secure, and publish data for reporting and analytics in a single environment.
Posted Nov 30, 2016
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Business intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor Yellowfin has launched the virtualized Data Preparation Module for analytics, fully integrated into the metadata layer of its BI platform.

Yellowfin's Data Preparation Module will enable organizations to model, profile, clean, shape, enrich, secure, and publish all data for reporting and analytics in a single BI environment. The Data Preparation Module will be included as part of a standard Yellowfin license at no additional cost.

"With this release, Yellowfin has delivered another first for the BI and analytics software industry," said Yellowfin Co-founder and CEO Glen Rabie in a statement. "Yellowfin's virtualized Data Preparation Module uniquely addresses the cost, complexity, security, and inefficiency issues encountered by typical approaches to data preparation. No other vendor in the market is solving data preparation challenges in the same way as Yellowfin.

"Yellowfin's Data Preparation Module truly supports the needs of data analysts, enterprise IT, and business users. Data analysts can independently prepare data for analysis in less time, IT can easily govern that data, and business users have fast access to data they can trust in order to make critical business decisions," Rabie sad.

Yellowfin's Data Preparation Module integrates data preparation processes directly into a single analytics environment, offers comprehensive data profiling capabilities, and provides automated best-practice metadata modeling functionality.

"Typical data preparation and analytics practices, conducted in separate software applications, introduce unnecessary data provisioning bottlenecks," Yellowfin Product Marketing Manager Ivan Seow said in a statement. "Then, there's the expense of learning and maintaining two products, not to mention the propensity for stand-alone self-service data preparation tools to create untrustworthy and unsecure islands of disparate data. Yellowfin avoids the chaos of traditional data preparation by delivering a single source of truth for all enterprise data. Go from data source to dashboard in one analytics platform and environment."

A key feature of Yellowfin's data profiler is that it provides a list of Suggested Actions, which dynamically propose best-practice metadata modeling solutions based on the profile results.

Yellowfin's data profiling functionality also enables users to perform numeric and date grouping; apply filters, formatting, case statements, and calculated fields; append, standardize, or remove incomplete or inaccurate values; translate values held in the data source into business-friendly terminology; and assess data sets for attributes (such as ZIP or post code data) that would enable users to enrich data by adding a Yellowfin GeoPack, pre-packed geospatial and demographic data points for specific countries or regions.

Yellowfin's Data Preparation Module was launched alongside the latest version of the vendor's BI platform, Yellowfin 7.3. Yellowfin 7.3 contained significant enhancements to Yellowfin's advanced data visualization capabilities, including the introduction of Set Analysis and a new Content Creation Canvas.

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