VisualIQ Adds to Its IQ Intelligence Suite
IQ Envoy for Branding and TV Attribution help marketers measure and optimize branding efforts.
Posted Sep 30, 2015
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Visual IQ, a cross-channel marketing attribution software provider, has upgraded its IQ Intelligence Suite with IQ Envoy for Branding and TV Attribution to help marketers measure the true impact that each media channel and tactic has on brand engagement.

A core product within the IQ Intelligence Suite, IQ Envoy runs marketing performance data from multiple sources through Visual IQ's TrueAttribution process, which calculates the impact that every marketing touchpoint and attribute has on achieving marketing goals. The output is a set of TrueMetrics that reflect the actual amount of credit each touchpoint deserves for producing a desired outcome.

For brand marketers, IQ Envoy for Branding uses TrueAttribution to calculate a TrueEngagement Score, a single currency for branding measurement and optimization across all channels and tactics. This metric incorporates multiple brand engagement activities, such as Web site interactions, video views, rich media ad interactions, and more, into an overall key performance indicator (KPI) metric, providing brand marketers with a unified view of media's true impact on brand engagement, and the ability to optimize their efforts at a granular level (keyword, placement, creative, etc.) to drive incremental brand lift. Additionally, brand marketers can measure de-duplicated reach across channels, devices, and publishers and quantify each brand engagement activity's impact on conversions.

In addition to IQ Envoy for Branding, Visual IQ is introducing TV Attribution to help brand marketers measure TV advertising's impact on brand engagement. As part of this roll-out, Visual IQ is partnering with Rentrak, a provider of worldwide consumer viewership information to collect granular TV impression data daily, enabling marketers to measure TV's impact on digital responses for each attribute of TV advertising, such as network, telecast, daypart, and more.

"Rentrak's precise television measurement combined with Visual IQ's meticulous attribution science opens a whole new door for brand marketers," said Rentrak's president of national television, Chris Wilson, in a statement. "We're excited to partner with Visual IQ to help brand marketers quantify how their TV advertising impacts brand engagement responses."

"Our customers asked for the ability to measure the impact of their upper- and mid-funnel branding campaigns with as much rigor as their direct response efforts, and we answered," said Manu Mathew, co-founder and CEO of Visual IQ, in a statement. "We're empowering brand marketers by giving them the robust advanced attribution capabilities they need to fully understand the impact of their branding efforts across both TV and digital."

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