SALESmanago Launches Marketing Automation
SALESmanago brings marketing automation to e-commerce and business-to-consumer businesses.
Posted Jun 8, 2016
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SALESmanago, providers of an all-in-one, cloud based online marketing automation platform, has launched a range of new solutions for online stores and retailers. These include behavioral profiling, predictive marketing, and next-best offers.

"While working directly with B2C companies and online stores, we have developed a completely new range of marketing automation features specifically designed for B2C that you will not find in sets of features offered by traditional marketing automation platform," said Greg Blazewicz, CEO of SALESmanago, in a statement.

This solution includes dynamic one-to-one email marketing, anonymous marketing automation, online-offline marketing and sales integration, mobile marketing automation with customer behavior tracking in mobile apps, full data integration, and a dynamic Web site content and marketing campaigns configurator. The individual customer behavioral profiling is based not just on Web site clicks but also on which products the customer was looking at while browsing the Web site. The complete individual profiles of customers with such behavioral and transactional data are then used in real time to build automatic predictive offers that are delivered individually in all marketing channels, from email marketing and dynamic product recommendations on the Web site to mobile (push and in-app messages), social media, and advertising networks.

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