Point N Time Software Launches PardotLinks
PardotLinks turns customer meetings into actionable intelligence to fuel sales.
Posted Aug 9, 2016
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Point N Time Software, a provider of account and opportunity planning and meeting management in the Salesforce.com ecosystem, has released PardotLinks, which enables Strategy Mapper and Pardot customers to use actionable intelligence gathered from customer meetings across their entire organization to build and maintain marketing automation rules and campaigns created in Pardot.

PardotLinks takes the actionable intelligence only once available to the individual sales rep that gathered it, aggregates it, and makes it available across the entire organization as highly targeted leads for marketing campaigns and targeted sales efforts.

"We are taking customer meetings to the next level by utilizing the actionable intelligence gathered in them to drive marketing automation. Gone are the days where sales rely solely on marketing to build and drive their pipeline. We have put it in the hands of the account executives and sales teams to build and maintain by simply having customer meetings, because we all know winning starts in the first conversation," Point N Time Software President and CEO Travis Davis said in a statement.

The solution looks to help users leverage information from customer meetings to fuel sales pipelines, bridge the gap between sales and marketing in lead nurturing and generation, and provide  greater returns on their Salesforce and Pardot investments.

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