Mindmatrix Introduces Electronic Contract Signing Feature
Mindmatrix's sales and channel enablement platform will now support electronic signatures.
Posted Mar 14, 2018
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Mindmatrix has added an electronic contract signing feature to its channel and sales enablement software. With encryption and access codes in place, the feature ensures that any contract signed using the Mindmatrix platform's e-contract module is secure and legally binding.

E-contracts can be shared via email using the Mindmatrix platform. The contracts can be created using the Mindmatrix sales and channel enablement platform's template creation capabilities. This allows for auto population of key sender and receiver data, including company logos, names, contact information, company names, etc. Documents signed using the e-contract module are automatically stored in the Mindmatrix channel and sales enablement software platform and also reflected in the CRM that is integrated with the software. The e-contract signing feature is also supported in the app version of the sales and channel enablement software.

"E-contract signing can make a lot of difference to the entire sales process by simplifying it to a large extent for everyone involved. With more than 80 percent accessing their emails and other documents on mobile devices, such as cell phones and iPads, sending contracts via emails as traditional PDF attachments isn't efficient anymore. It is inconvenient, more prone to errors, and also delays the final step of getting the ink on paper. Our e-contract signing feature takes care of all these challenges to help you seal the deal faster."

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