Intradiem Partners with OpenSpan
The partnership will result in the integration of the two companies'workforce automation technologies.
Posted Aug 5, 2015
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Intradiem, a provider of intraday automation solutions to contact centers, back-office, and retail front-line workforces, has entered into a strategic partnership with OpenSpan, a provider of worker optimization, activity management, and automation solutions. The partnership extends Intradiem's capabilities to leverage agent- and employee-level data to help organizations create enterprise-wide, real-time frontline workforces that span the contact center and back office.

OpenSpan's desktop automation technology will be integrated into Intradiem's existing Intraday Automation solutions to trigger events based on conditional desktop activities.

"By taking advantage of OpenSpan's unique desktop automation technology, Intradiem can initiate automations based on specific triggers that take place on the desktop," said John Wolf, chief technology officer at Intradiem, in a statement. "Our clients will use these actions to make real-time intraday adjustments to their front-line workforces, adding efficiencies while maintaining exceptional customer experience levels."

"We're excited about our partnership with OpenSpan and its strategic growth potential," said Matt McConnell, CEO of Intradiem, in a statement. "Intradiem and OpenSpan are highly complementary intraday technologies that together will further drive value for enterprises seeking to deliver the ultimate customer experience."

"It is exciting to forge a partnership with a market leader such as Intradiem," said Rick Marquardt, executive vice president of business development and international alliances at OpenSpan, in a statement. "Using OpenSpan technology, Intradiem is deepening the capabilities of its Intraday Automation solutions, and the alliance between OpenSpan and Intradiem brings a wealth of value to organizations that seek to decrease costs while delivering world-class customer experience."

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