Infer Partners with HubSpot
The partnership between Infer and HubSpot brings predictive capabilities to inbound marketing.
Posted May 20, 2015
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Infer, a provider of predictive applications, has released a new connector for HubSpot that feeds predictive scores into the inbound marketing platform for better targeting and segmenting. Infer helps businesses predict and prioritize their highest potential prospects using advanced data science and external buying signals.

With Infer's HubSpot connector, marketers can research leads and identify marketing qualified leads from within the HubSpot environment. Infer Scores help businesses filter out bad leads, prioritize follow up efforts, measure marketing effectiveness, and extract more value out of their nurture databases.

Infer's predictive models mine companies' historical customer data from CRM and marketing automation systems and pull in valuable data points about individuals and the organizations for which they work, such as relevant job postings, patent filings, social presence, and even the technology vendors they use. Infer then uses advanced machine learning algorithms to produce lead, contact, and account scores, which help sales and marketing teams achieve significant lifts in win rates, lead conversions, average deal size, and customer satisfaction.

"The new integration makes it easier than ever for HubSpot customers to pull accurate predictive scores from Infer right into the software they use every day," said Megan Keaney Anderson, director of product marketing at HubSpot, in a statement. "As a result, our customers can hone in on their very best prospects and know which to send immediately to sales and which to nurture with targeted email journeys, content, offers, or campaigns."

"HubSpot has an amazing reputation for customer satisfaction, as evidenced by its rapid growth and impressive market share," said Vik Singh, co-founder and CEO of Infer, in a statement. "Now this community of smart inbound marketers can leverage Infer's predictive-first applications to tap into the universe of external data, which will help them predict outcomes and automate decisions in HubSpot."

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