InMoment's Active Listening Now Available in 90 Languages
The customer feedback and text analytics tool expands globally.
Posted Sep 8, 2015
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InMoment, providers of a cloud-based customer experience optimization platform, has made its Active Listening Suite available in 90 languages.

Multilingual Active Listening enhances InMoment's global voice of the customer feedback solution, which includes a full range of multilingual invitation, collection, advanced analytics, and reporting tools to help companies listen to, understand and share customer stories through whichever channels and languages are most relevant to their customers and employees.

Key Active Listening features include the following:

  • Strength Metre, which taps into the ease and familiarity of a strength meter to gently encourage customers to keep telling their stories.
  • Follow Up, which identifies comments low on insights and then presents additional, relevant questions that ask customers to provide more detailed information.
  • Drill Down, which presents specific questions for deeper inquiry. Drill Down can trigger off of both structured data (scores) as well as unstructured text (comments) in all 90 languages.

"In a rush to improve customers' experiences, many organizations send a barrage of long surveys focused primarily on what the company wants to know," said InMoment CEO John Sperry in a statement. "Active Listening fosters a more human interaction, encouraging customers to share details about their experiences in their own words. As a result, companies receive richer insights, and customers have a more enjoyable experience. It is no longer necessary to sacrifice one for the other."

InMoment first released the Active Listening Suite in early 2015. The company launched in June 2014 following the merger of Mindshare and Empathica.

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