Gigya Adds to Its Customer Identity Management Platform
New features will help businesses deploy customer identity management at scale.
Posted Aug 30, 2017
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Gigya today announced new features for its Customer Identity Management platform.

"Successful CIAM deployments start with not only a fast, comprehensive and flexible platform, but also methodologies based on proven success," said Adrian Nash, vice president of product management at Gigya, in a statement. "Far from a plug-and-play software model, nailing down the intricacies of an effective customer identity implementation involves a cross functional effort that spans the business. Gigya is prepared to offer customer identity management solutions and professional services support for successful orchestration and deployment at scale."

The new features include the following:

  • IdentitySync, a data integration function that offers an automated way to cleanse, normalize, and transfer customer identity and profile data between Gigya and third-party platforms;
  • Advanced authentication for multiple brands using single sign-on (SSO) segments, on top of existing support for SSO authentication by site group;
  • Change management functions, such as version control and configuration copy tools;
  • Schema Editor, which lets businesses define their own model data structures;
  • An expanded roster of 44 local languages, so screensets and user interfaces can display in the correct language for the intended audience;
  • Best-practice Registration as a Service (RaaS) screensets;
  • A UI builder for customizing screensets; and
  • Lite Registration to design customer engagements that can begin to progressively build customer profiles earlier in the journey.

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