Conversion Logic Updates Its XC Logic Attribution Platform
The new XC Logic platform gives insights into offline and digital media.
Posted Feb 11, 2016
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Conversion Logic, a cross-channel attribution provider, has updated its XC Logic Platform with a new portfolio dashboard combining TV, digital, and baseline metrics into one interface, an updated performance reporting toolset for analyzing data, and a new channel synergy report surfacing interaction effects across and between channels.

The channel synergy report answers questions about incrementality, like what is the effect of TV on search? and how much impact does email have on display and affiliate channels? XC Logic provides deep insight into channel lift.

Conversion Logic also added ways to slice and dice channel data and compare performance, with significant enhancements to its core performance measurement toolset, such as the following:

  • Time series and summary modes that enable users to switch between viewing data in summary or at hour, week, month, or quarterly time periods with just the click of a button.
  • Metric selections that enable users to switch between metrics, such as conversions, orders, revenue, leads, or visits, from any page in the app.
  • Channel toggle, enabling users to scover and surface insights normally hidden in the details with selective show/hide and sorting filters designed to give full control over custom comparisons over time.
  • A unified cross-channel baseline that allows offline and digital channels to be viewed with a shared baseline.

"In the complex world of cross-channel marketing, there is immense value in understanding the impact of every channel, across every device, at any point in time, and in combination with all other touchpoints," said Trevor Testwuide, CEO of Conversion Logic, in a statement. "By allowing both offline and digital channels to share the same baseline and analytics throughout the UI, XC Logic provides media practitioners with the most accurate, comprehensive, and easily interpreted true media performance."

Conversion Logic's media-agnostic platform allows advertisers to analyze all their channels, including display, search, social, mobile, online video, radio, and TV, to identify where results are coming from.

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