ContentSquare Launches Auto-Zone for Website Tagging
Auto-Zone replaces tag customization/configuration with artificial intelligence-powered automatic recognition.
Posted Jan 16, 2018
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ContentSquare, providers of a digital experience insights platform, today launched Auto-Zone, an artificial intelligence-based recognition algorithm that redefines online data collection by replacing content tagging and tag configuration with automatic element identification on each area of a website.

With Auto-Zone, marketers can set up content elements through the ContentSquare interface using artificial intelligence. The technology zones and provides semantic understanding of the data.

ContentSquare designed Auto-Zone for online businesses focused on succeeding at their digital transformation. With it, marketers will now be able to answer any question about customer behavior on their sites.

"With Auto-Zone we are defining the end of the tagging era," said Jonathan Cherki, CEO of ContentSquare, in a statement. "Before Auto-Zone, analytics required tags to measure behavior, and large amounts of time were spent tagging and updating them. This technology opens up the path toward a more semantic understanding and personalization of websites through analytics. For example, if hesitation on the add-to-cart button is trending up, then marketers will get notified about it, along with insights to increase buying incentives dynamically, such as implementing a new promotion or sale."

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