Alight Analytics Launches Channel Mix Control Center
Alight's latest addition to Channel Mix helps marketers manage their data.
Posted Nov 2, 2016
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Alight Analytics, a marketing data aggregation firm, has released the ChannelMix Control Center to give marketers visibility, accessibility, and control over their marketing channel data. ChannelMix has been helping data-driven marketers aggregate their data for years, and the Control Center now gives them access to data management tools previously only available to the Alight team.

"Marketing doesn't have a dashboard problem, marketing has a data problem," said Matt Hertig, co-founder of Alight Analytics, in a statement. "As the only company in the industry which built a data aggregation platform while delivering marketing analytics services for the past 10 years, we understand the root of the marketing analytics problem, which is data management. ChannelMix solves the data problem, and the ChannelMix Control Center provides an interface for marketers to take more control of their ongoing data management challenges."

ChannelMix Control Center offers a host of features, including the Rules feature, that lets marketers fix campaign tracking errors and apply business rules on the fly across all media data sets. Connect gives one-click access to activate any data source, from Twitter Ads to Google Analytics to Sizmek to Salesforce. Users can look across clients or across product lines with Library, where all active data sources and associated metrics are displayed in a single view.

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