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CRM Roundtable Discussion: When Social, Mobile, and Traditional Service Channels Collide
11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET
David Myron
Editorial Director
CRM magazine
Chris Hooven
VP, Sales & Business Development
OSF Global Services
Mark Angel
Executive VP, CTO

Ed Shepherdson
Senior Vice President, Enterprise Solutions


It's challenging enough for support organizations to manage traditional customer communications channels. But when you add social media and mobile devices to the mix it can become overwhelming. The popularity of these emerging channels has created a deluge of data for companies and customers to navigate. This can make it seemingly impossible for agents, executives, and customers to find information and then consolidate, correlate, and analyze data from multiple sources to make the right decisions. But, it's not. The key is to find the right approach to knowledge management.

With the right solution, today's support organizations can collect and analyze relevant social networking conversations in real time. They can also capitalize on mobile technologies, such as multimedia (touch, talk, and type interfaces) and GPS capabilities across different models and form factors (i.e., smartphones and tablets). Additionally, support organizations can manage these emerging and traditional channels in a way that ensures all channels are connected.

The knowledge is there. Now it's easier to find.

Join OSF Global Services, KANA, and Coveo in this roundtable Webinar and learn how to:

  • Use analysis from social networking conversations to proactively troubleshoot with customers via live online chats.
  • Scale social media listening so that you can filter out the noise and engage with each valued customer.
  • Leverage the best of social intelligence to harvest social knowledge.
  • Integrate social customer interactions with other channels of customer service.
  • Create an effective social governance model without losing control.
  • Deliver a knowledge access tool for CSRs, customer service managers, executives and analysts that consolidates and correlates information from all channels.
  • Aggregate intelligence from disparate digital sources to better know, serve and sell to your customers.

Register today, for this educational and FREE archived roundtable Web event.

Audio is streamed over the Internet, so turn up your computer speakers!

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