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Connect Your Front and Back Offices In The Cloud
11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET
David Myron
Editorial Director
CRM magazine
Roger Bottum
Vice President
Thomas J. Brennan
Vice President of Product Marketing
Jason Hochman
Sales Director

Fully integrated platform enables each department to be responsive to the needs of the customer.

As thousands of Salesforce.com users can attest, moving business processes to the cloud makes a lot of sense for most organizations. But as your business needs move beyond the scope of traditional CRM, it will need robust front-office and back-office solutions that will grow with your organization.

In this Webcast, you will learn how the right cloud-based platform will enable you to extend your CRM to include additional applications which in turn will bolster customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and streamline operations. More specifically, you'll learn how an integrated, cloud-based platform can create better customer support experiences and improve agent productivity. Plus, you'll learn how to streamline operations and provide better visibility for your sales and back-office professionals by moving your accounting and contract management processes to an integrated, cloud-based platform.

Join CRM magazine in this roundtable Web event as we examine the benefits of connecting your front-office and back-office processes with SpringCM, FinancialForce.com and Angel.

Plus, you'll learn how to:

  • Streamline your contract management process with total visibility into contract status.
  • Extend Salesforce.com with document management, collaboration and workflow.
  • Reduce invoice process time dramatically and shorten the month- and quarter-end close process from days to hours.
  • Eliminate errors and admin overhead with automated ordering and billing processes.
  • Greet callers by name and automatically update them on order or support ticket status before they ask for an agent.
  • Enhance agent productivity by screen-popping caller data directly onto the agents screen within the CRM system.

Now, you can leverage the full benefits of cloud computing by getting all of your departments fully integrated and operating harmoniously.

Audio is streamed over the Internet, so turn up your computer speakers!

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