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Marketing’s New Role is Customer Service, and Great Customer Data is Essential to its Success

The usual ways that businesses compete will soon pale in comparison to the importance of one thing: Customer experience.

Businesses in every industry must create a great experience to keep customers coming back.

As marketers are taking on more of a customer service role every day, they are at the center of changing priorities that put the customer at the center of everything.

Marketers must lead the changes that will affect the entire organization.

The first place to start? Contact data quality, which impacts the whole customer journey from start to finish.

Read this white paper to learn how customer data is the first place marketers should improve for better customer communication, service, and an overall great experience.   

Sponsored By: Experian Data Quality

Every year, Experian Data Quality conducts a study to look at the global trends in data quality. This year, research findings reveal how data practitioners are leveraging and managing data to generate actionable insight, and how proper data management is becoming an organization-wide imperative.

This study polled more than 1,400 people across eight countries globally from a variety of roles and departments. Respondents were chosen based on their visibility into their organization's customer data management practices.

Read through our research report to learn:

  • The changes in channel usage over the last 12 months
  • Expected changes in big data and data management initiatives
  • Multi-industry benchmarks, comparisons, and challenges in data quality
  • And more! 

Our annual global benchmark report takes a close look at the data quality and data management initiatives driving today's businesses. See where you line up and where you can improve.

Sponsored By: Trillium Software

The business value of CRM can be compelling, but enterprises of any scale and sophistication must be pragmatic in their approach to the unified view of customers often sought with CRM. This white paper suggests a department-focused strategy that is “data-aware.”  Accurate data is key to successful execution of all CRM operations.  It’s also needed to answer the many business questions that those operations will prompt.

The relatively rigid structure of a CRM database can leave it ill-equipped to manage the highly variable composition of data which it must manage.  Organizations that are truly focused on their customers need to focus as intently on their data as they do their CRM system to get the desired results.

Sponsored By: Alteryx

If you’re like most data analysts today, creating rich visualizations of your data is a critical step in the analytic process. But creating effective data visualizations requires a significant amount of behind-the-scenes work to prepare the data—work that can take longer than creating the visualizations themselves.

Before you visualize your data you first need to: join and clean data from an ever-growing number of disparate sources, enrich your internal data with third-party data sources, run sophisticated spatial or predictive analytics, and reshape data so that it is easily consumable for visualization in Tableau.

The Definitive Guide to Preparing Your Data for Tableau will show you how to speed your time to visualization.

Sponsored By: Statuspage.io

What’s that noise you hear? It’s the thundering heard of support tickets that flood your inbox every time your site goes down. Customers flock to your support site every time your app goes down because they want to know what’s happening. But it doesn’t have to happen like this. See how StatusPage.io can save your company being flooded by support tickets during your next downtime.

Sponsored By: Microsoft

CSO Insights interviewed more than 1,500 sales execs as a part of their annual sales research, including what sets the top 10% of sales organizations apart from the rest. Download the whitepaper to:

  • Gain additional insight into proven team structures for productivity
  • Learn a powerful new methodology for taking your own team through a transformation process
  • Explore other new 2015 sales data

Sponsored By: Microsoft

The role of customer experience in the digital age is quickly becoming one of the most important drivers to overall revenue.  However, less than 25 percent of companiesi have been able to find a centralized customer service solution that meets their needs (thinkJar).

Download Strategic Considerations When Building Customer Service for the Next Decade to learn where customer service stands to gain: 

  • Centralization & consistency. How customer service can be at the epicenter of your company’s ability to deliver a differentiated and a consistent engagement experience. 
  • Intelligent data & predictive analytics. How intelligent customer service technology leverages existing customer history, machine learning, and predictive data to drive relevant, powerful customer conversations.
  • Improved performance. Let technology help your organization understand which methods work, which don’t, and how to polish your process into its highest performance possible.

i Source: Intelligent Customer Service in the Digital Age.

Sponsored By: SJS Solutions

Today’s fast-­-paced society demands ever more immediate and flexible responses from their services, across a multitude of channels. To meet these needs it is essential to equip employees with the right information and resources to do their job well, whatever their preferred device – wherever they are. Communication needs to be relevant, consistent and engaging but, most of all, accessible.

This paper provides some quick tips for contact center managers on developing a multi-­-layered approach to internal communication with their teams and demonstrates how technology can help achieve this.

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