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A Soffront White Paper

If you manage sales or marketing for your company, you’ve probably spent more time than you wish solving problems rather than achieving results. Here are some strategies you will learn in this eBook:
  • How to qualify your Leads - learn about their needs and interests
  • How to nurture your Leads - offer education through content
  • How to score and distribute your Leads - signal when leads are ready for sales
  • How to automate your sales process to close more deals in less time
  • How to turn new customers into long-term brand advocates

A ConnectWise White Paper

Ready to grow your business and make it more profitable? Get the new As-a-Service Guide 5,000 technology companies trust for best practices to help you expand your services, attract new clients, build marketing and retention strategies, and more. Tap into more than 30 years of industry expertise when you download it today!

eBook from Oracle

Are you worried about losing touch with your customers? Businesses that fail to deliver next-generation service risk losing customer to competitors. Learn how to deliver a personalized, consistent customer experience no matter which channels or devices customers use.

Stop worrying, start preparing for the future—download this ebook for:

  • A look at how customer needs are changing
  • An overview of key challenges to providing next-generation customer service
  • Action items: 3 steps to providing next-generation knowledge-driven service
  • A look ahead: Everything-as-a-Service


eBook from Conga

Every day, all over the world, businesses are using contracts to lock in business. Whether it’s for services or product, an MSA or a quote, contracts make it legal.

You may have experienced in the past the frustration of hunting for the latest version of the contract, or worse, sending redlines that you added to an out-of-date version. If you’re in sales, you’ve spent time tapping your foot waiting on feedback and approval from the legal team, fingers crossed that you can close this deal before end of quarter.

Download this eBook to:

- Realize the status quo of sales contracting

- Understand common pain points in your sales cycle

- Address the challenges to accelerate your processes

- Realize the ROI of sales contracting

- Learn the secret to accelerating your contract experience

Sponsored By: Radial

What’s the key to exceeding the sky-high expectations of today’s consumers? Download this white paper from Radial now to explore six emerging trends in customer care and the tactics needed to turn customer care into a profit center for your business.

Sponsored By: Sisense

Is your organization struggling to get valuable business insights from its data? 5 simple signs could be telling you your business needs a better way to handle data. Find out how to evaluate your situation to see if a business intelligence solution makes sense for you.

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