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Agents are the voice of your brand. Just as confidence builds trust that in turn encourages loyalty, lack of confidence breeds doubt and doubt results in customer attrition and lower buy frequency. Doubt and distrust also result in higher agent attrition which leads to increased costs and less experienced agents in contact with your customers. Learn how small changes to call and contact center environments and internal communications policies can reduce attrition, improve long term customer loyalty and the health of your company.

By Johanna Lubahn Managing Director Call Center Solutions Cohen Brown Management Group, Inc.

Digital wallboards are gold mines for contact centers. In an age when timeliness of information is a core competitive advantage across the entire business world, digital wallboards provide enormous amounts of customized information in real time. They create inspirational, engaging environments for employees. They provide managers and employees alike with performance and customer-care-quality metrics simultaneously so that they can react instantly. They enable tremendous flexibility of messaging. They deliver their information on any device anywhere the user wants it delivered. And they do all of these things at low cost through innovative technology.

This free white paper walks you through 4 easy steps to make wallboards work for you, and helps you learn how to extract the full potential of your contact center agents.

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Let’s face it we all perform better, are less likely to cause disruption and are more pleasant to deal with when we are happy, at home and at work. It’s human nature. Forward thinking companies have known this for some time and by focussing and investing in their employees and the environments they work in they have been enjoying better performance, lower staff attrition, a reduction in training costs, less employee absenteeism and a higher calibre of applicant.

Moving from low employee satisfaction to high is not something you can fix overnight but there are some affordable steps you can take right now, today:

  • Avoid analytics, instead seek and convey to agents customers real feelings and feedback.
  • Replace reporting with supporting, the more agents know, the more confident they will be and we all know confidence builds trust.
  • Define what a good transaction is and measure how often they occur and why.
  • Move the spot light away from call handling metrics, they are useful but your wallboards, mobile apps and desktop wallboards need to be refocused towards creating an engaging, fun, high tech and dynamic environment for your agents.

SJS Solutions Employee Engagement and Communications Software can help. Visit our website and start to create displays that truly support your agents.


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