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Gain a complete picture of your pipeline, your sales performance and your KPI’s.

Do more with your Salesforce data:

- Develop a clear understanding of the business with snapshots of pipeline forecasts, trends over time, and pipeline vs. target analysis.

- View conversion rates at each step of the sales funnel, and compare them across teams, individuals, and timeframes.

- Understand your pipeline and projections at any point in time using historic snapshots.

- Compare individual reps performance to the entire sales teams with customizable dashboards.

Sponsored By: Looker

With the demand for more complex analytics functionality growing, sales operations professionals are increasingly asked to report on and analyze data within their organization’s salesforce data. A number of BI vendors have positioned themselves to augment the analytics capabilities associated with salesforce data. In the marketplace of such solutions, Blue Hill Research’s finds Looker among the most interesting ones. 

In this report, analyst James Haight explores how to get the most from salesforce data through more effective analytics. Including;

• Creating meaningful historical pipeline snapshots

• Viewing conversion analysis across variables such as time and first-touch attribution

• Reducing manual work for data requests like sales rep performance comparisons

• Embedding analytics in other operational tools

• Uniting data with multiple outside data sources

Sponsored By: Microsoft

CSO Insights interviewed more than 1,500 sales execs as a part of their annual sales research, including what sets the top 10% of sales organizations apart from the rest. Download the whitepaper to:

  • Gain additional insight into proven team structures for productivity
  • Learn a powerful new methodology for taking your own team through a transformation process
  • Explore other new 2015 sales data

Sponsored By: Microsoft

The role of customer experience in the digital age is quickly becoming one of the most important drivers to overall revenue.  However, less than 25 percent of companiesi have been able to find a centralized customer service solution that meets their needs (thinkJar).

Download Strategic Considerations When Building Customer Service for the Next Decade to learn where customer service stands to gain: 

  • Centralization & consistency. How customer service can be at the epicenter of your company’s ability to deliver a differentiated and a consistent engagement experience. 
  • Intelligent data & predictive analytics. How intelligent customer service technology leverages existing customer history, machine learning, and predictive data to drive relevant, powerful customer conversations.
  • Improved performance. Let technology help your organization understand which methods work, which don’t, and how to polish your process into its highest performance possible.

i Source: Intelligent Customer Service in the Digital Age.

Sponsored By: Trillium Software, A Harte Hanks Company

CRM systems can be a great asset to your organization. But you need the right information. And that means having customer data that is accurate, complete and accessible in a timely manner. Download this free eBook to get insights on how to successfully launch and execute a CRM data quality project. Find out some important steps that can help ensure that your CRM system has the kind of data it needs, and that you get the business value you want. You'll see how to:

  • Get your data quality project off to the right start.
  • Enlist the right project champions.
  • Build a commitment to a sustained data quality effort.

Sponsored By: Looker

Companies are collecting more data than ever. But, given how difficult it is to unify the many internal and external data streams they’ve built, more data doesn’t necessarily translate into better analytics. The real challenge is to provide deep and broad access to “a single source of truth” in their data that the typically slow ETL process for data warehousing cannot achieve. More than just fast access, analysts need the ability to explore data at a granular level.

This O'Reilly Media report provides a roadmap for how to connect systems, data stores, and institutions. 

- Identify stakeholders: build a culture of trust and awareness among decision makers, data analysts, and quality management

- Create a data plan: define your needs, specify your metrics, identify data sources, and standardize metric definitions 

- Centralize the data: evaluate each data source for existing common fields and, if you can, minor variances, and standardize data references

- Find the right tool(s) for the job: choose from legacy architecture tools, managed and cloud-only services, and data visualization or data exploration platforms 

Study from Blue Hill Research

IT decision makers face an overwhelming number of avenues to forward their data analytics initiatives. 

In this report Blue Hill talked to four organizations about their need to;

  • Process large volumes of web-generated data at high speeds. 
  • Provide self-service access and disseminate information easily to broad teams of non-technical users.
  • Enable IT teams to drive a data visions, rather than simply answer one of requests.

Read how these companies approach data analytics, and ultimately chose the best platform to help them derive significant competitive advantage.

Here is a quote from the Blue Hill researcher
“In our research, we clearly saw the benefits that Looker’s in-database architecture provides. Organizations were able to centralize data into one location and see massive performance gains at large scales as they expanded their data initiatives with both traditional and non-traditional data sources.” James Haight, Research Analyst, Blue Hill Research

Sponsored By: Looker

Warby Parker’s journey from an early stage startup to a thriving, dynamic, lifestyle brand contains important lessons for companies large and small about how to create a pervasive data-driven culture, something that is often discussed but rarely seen in practice.

This research case study will explain how Warby Parker has gone from a company that was run entirely out of an ERP, to one in which the company's decision are powered by precisely-defined and integrated data model. This story will cover the use of various technologies to create a data warehouse and the use of Looker to create an integrated model that supports discovery, analysis and automation as well as the propagation of data to every corner of the company. As part of this story we will cover how to execute the, high risk stages of this journey and outline Warby Parker’s vision for the future.

The research will cover the 5 stages of maturity Warby Parker has gone through to achieve a data driven culture;

1. Escape from ERP

2. Expand Automation and the Scope of the Data Warehouse

3. Create a Unified Data Model of the Business

4. Expand Data Use Throughout the Company

5. Future Planning

A NewVoiceMedia White Paper

NewVoiceMedia's latest research into the practices of sales development reps provides compelling insight into a prospect’s view of B2B sales practices. Did you know, for instance that just 10% of prospects are completely satisfied with sales approaches they have received?

And with findings uncovering that more than half of sales calls are poorly researched, this study exposes the huge disparity between a prospect’s requirements and the behaviours and techniques used by sales reps.

Download this whitepaper to find out:

  • The best practices of winning sales professionals
  • A more detailed analysis of poor prospecting
  • How 5 minutes can make a huge difference to success

A NewVoiceMedia White Paper

KPIs have many different names and can be either a framework for customer service success or a ball and chain which removes an agent and manager’s flexibility and creativity.

The most important aspect of a KPI though is that it should improve the service you deliver. So are you using the right ones and looking for the right data?

Download this whitepaper to find out: 

    • What KPIs you should be measuring
    • How to use the data you have more effectively in driving improvements
    • 18 considerations to help shape your KPI measurements

Sponsored By: Harte Hanks

Contact centers typically begin their lives concerned with performance metrics like average handle time and average speed of answer. As the business matures, these and other tactical measures remain integral to customer satisfaction—but they are no longer the only priorities. Successful companies go beyond daily pain points to build a customer experience that not only delivers satisfaction but creates loyalty—and supports growth.

When properly handled, the transition to a focus on loyalty can be smooth and coordinated. Customer experience is becoming so diverse that to build loyalty, companies need to pursue multiple directions at once. Even while handling immediate tactical or transactional issues, they also have to focus on long-term strategic and visionary goals. This white paper takes a look at recent survey findings about contact center priorities, goals and the challenges in getting there, with an overview of how Harte Hanks can help.

Sponsored By: SJS Solutions

Today’s fast-­-paced society demands ever more immediate and flexible responses from their services, across a multitude of channels. To meet these needs it is essential to equip employees with the right information and resources to do their job well, whatever their preferred device – wherever they are. Communication needs to be relevant, consistent and engaging but, most of all, accessible.

This paper provides some quick tips for contact center managers on developing a multi-­-layered approach to internal communication with their teams and demonstrates how technology can help achieve this.

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