CRM Magazine: May 2008
Magazine Features
Mobile phones have been around for decades -- but the ability to market to mobile-phone users is relatively new. No wonder marketers are still struggling to get it right.
In an exclusive excerpt from his new book Excellence Every Day, industry thought leader Lior Arussy examines the truth--and crippling fictions--behind the value of experience.
Services-oriented architecture--and the Web services it supports--is one of today's hottest software trends. It's also one of the least understood
Offshore, that is--and nearshore, and homeshore. When it comes to outsourcing contact centers, it's a whole new horse race.
Front Office
The May 2008 issue of the magazine covers three areas that are experiencing -- or are on the verge of experiencing -- extraordinary shifts in their respective markets.
Reality Check
The boom in self-service doesn't mean your agents are off the hook.
Customer Centricity
You are who you talk to.
The Tipping Point
Software-as-a-service fulfills its value proposition -- sometimes.
Customer data and business data must be controlled through master data management.
Pint of View
If I found it on the Internet, it must be important.
On The Scene: Convergence 2008 -- Redmond's mighty software maker finally has what it needs for a great CRM program -- but is it too late?
On The Scene: SAP CRM 2008 -- Online communities are another way to get into customers' heads.
On The Scene: DMA B2B Marketing -- Advertising is movin' on up--and in, out, and around all the human senses.
On The Scene: AIIM 2008 -- Fostering online communities and embracing user-generated content can provide great value for CRM.
Everyone's talking about "the R word" -- Recession! -- and for the first time in a long time, price is competing head-to-head with service.
What do you think your talent needs are and do you have a plan to meet them?
When friends have fun, brands get a big benefit.
Centive smoothes away the calluses for a dermatology-product vendor.
CRM, together with telephony technologies, leads to better sales for a direct marketer.
Secret of My Success
Egg, the British online bank, knows what its customers are thinking all the time, thanks to surveys conducted by Confirmit.
Business Problem: Unsure how to price products and services to stay competitive while still ensuring profitability.

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