CRM Magazine: November 2007
Magazine Features
After years of trial-and-error, enterprises are finally developing innovative strategies and incorporating new software to allow them to identify -- and sell to -- their most profitable customers.
Contact center performance management provides a holistic view of agent performance; use that data to spur desirable behaviors that will help reps beat center and corporate goals.
Marketers can't afford to target every fish in the sea. With better aim and finely honed tools, they can take more time to invest in their customer relationships to create highly compatible lists.
As business models become increasingly complex, more and more processes are shunted to automated systems. But the best examples never lose touch with the human element.
Front Office
The failure of many word-of-mouth marketing campaigns is largely due to their transparency.
Reality Check
Handling the customers who represent the future of your business.
Customer Centricity
The surveying market may be fragmented, but that doesn't diminish its importance.
The Tipping Point
Think you can translate your brand for the savvy Chinese shopper?
Pint of View
A few more takeaways from the fall's big event.
Disappointing numbers have convinced many marketers to decrease their viral marketing by 55 percent next year, but viral isn't to blame.
A new way of thinking about data and information generated across all lines of business.
Tech firms need CRM as much as any other company--and sometimes even more.
The industry rebel -- and founder and chief executive officer of RightNow Technologies -- sits down for a chat.
Great branding doesn't come from gimmicks -- it derives from exceptional, innovative customer service.
Exact Software delivers a warehouse system dog that will hunt.
Rockler.com has improved its Web site's browser-to-buyer conversion rate by 30 percent.
The mortgage division of a financial-services firm credits proactive communications with lowering its delinquency rate.
Maximizer Enterprise helps optimize shipments and company trust.
Secret of My Success
A U.K. police department relies on Informatica to handcuff dirty data.
Business Problem: Inability to generate qualified contacts and leads within customer companies.

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