CRM Magazine: May 2006
Magazine Features
It takes a special breed of thinker--quick, tenacious--to be a successful salesperson, and the job has been getting harder. As products and services become more complex, salespeople need to think faster than ever, respond more quickly, remember more details, and comply with more guidelines than ever before.
Experts provide commonsense advice about 'one of the most powerful and yet one of the most dangerous mediums of communication.'
Tech obstacles to CRM success can be considerable, but others include process and people concerns--read here about two companies' experiences.
Front Office
A recent bone-chilling story involving delayed cell phone messages has convinced me to stick with reliable landlines.
Reality Check
More than 70 percent of firms show positive results from using CRM systems.
The Tipping Point
Marketers should expand their focus and look for opportunities to drive incremental revenue across all stages of customers' interactions.
Pint of View
Cutting costs (and throats) by skipping CRM.
In the wake of the Enron scandal, the message most people got was not to get caught.
Making your IVR system as user friendly as possible will help increase customer loyalty and keep costs down.
Priorities are changing from cost cuts to service improvements.
How CRM integrators aren't practicing what they preach.
Salaries and bonuses rebound in a seller's market.
The Houston-area BBB chose Dovarri for its cost-effective, time-sensitive implementation.
Blazing a better results trail for a camping company.
IBM and Call Design help St. George Bank reap the benefits of a speech-user interface.
Integration with PAR3 Communications lets the telecom turn off the autodialer.
TV and film lighting company Altman Lighting keys Exact Software to help produce a better customer experience.

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