CRM Magazine: November 2002
Magazine Features
Is corporate America really giving customers the royal treatment, or is that just a fairy tale told by those who rule the CRM kingdom?
The New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development's contact center is turning heads--including Mayor Bloomberg's.
Companies can no longer afford to keep workforce management and CRM in separate silos.
IT leaders' top priorities are to grow customer loyalty and to increase profitability, says a CRM magazine/A.T. Kearney survey. Here's how to achieve those goals in uncertain times.
Front Office
Reality Check
CRM best practices have been hiding in plain view.
How Palm increased revenues 20 percent
Analytics helps BackcountryStore.com boost its bottom line
How Latin business ecosystems affect CRM strategy
Customer Care
Buyers and sellers need to speak the same language: business, not technology.
The Edge
Gartner CRM Excellence award winners prove ROI is possible
A recent study suggests that some customers are not as satisfied as the CRM leader attests; Siebel counters with its own study results.
The call center vendor has finally found a home with a solid foundation.
The open standards vendor enters the CRM fray by going head-to-head against the Microsoft .Net platform.
Integration is a hot issue. Here's what Oracle has to say about meshing CRM with ERP.
Movers & Shakers
An entrepreneur inside a corporate giant
Sweeping changes
In Closing
What happens when the one company you could always count on falters?

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