CRM Magazine: February 2002
Magazine Features
Who says the ASP model is dead? With CRM implementations becoming more comprehensive and the economy more dubious, some companies are turning to CRM-specific hosting providers as an alternative to the costly and time-consuming task of managing and maintaining CRM data in-house.
No matter how much money a company spends implementing a CRM system that brims with promise, it will never realize those benefits unless the users have bought into the systems and the changes it will bring about. Considering most people loath change, getting that buy-in is no easy task.
FIS turns to Silvon to keep up with the season's soup demand.
No customer wants to be offered something that cannot be delivered for the advertised price or lead time. That makes supply chain management (SCM) an attractive proposition for an enterprise looking to improve its production and back-end efficiencies. Simply put, money saved by improving customer services and by better coordinating the flow of piece parts and finished product is money earned.
Reality Check
Industry experts and analysts are trying to predict the future of CRM without customer input.
Online CRM can be a cost-effective solution
A solid staffing plan will improve a company's profitability.

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