CRM Magazine: March 2018
Magazine Features
A Q&A with Vince Barsolo, senior vice president of operations at Televerde, which operates contact centers in several women's prisons, giving inmates marketable skills that connect them to a future beyond bars.
Platforms like Instagram Stories and Snapchat allow marketers to reach new audiences
Front Office
Some innovative companies are going outside the normal job markets to find talent to staff their contact centers
Reality Check
Technical innovations are one thing, but companies need to consider AI's effect on their people
The Tipping Point
Let's not re-create the bad customer experience known as ‘IVR hell' with chatbots. Please.
When customers view companies as trustworthy, true engagement happens
Customer Experience
By analyzing sentiment and contextualizing data, AI can help marketing, sales, and customer support
Voice of the Customer
Storytelling is a reliable, effective tool for representing the customer viewpoint
The most satisfied callers get help from friendly, articulate, knowledgeable human beings
Mobile and web ads that violate the Coalition for Better Ads standards are subject to removal from Chrome
Companies need to seek much greater relevance with customers, Accenture asserts
After three years of increases, marketing leaders are now under pressure to show results
Knowing who you are as a company is the foundation of success
Boston Retail Partners challenges companies to meet the expectations of the omnichannel world
UJET has helped the parking platform provider cut telephony costs in half
Using the Bambu platform, the business and technology consultancy turned to its employees to increase website traffic via social media

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