CRM Magazine: March 2001
Magazine Features
Telling them apart can mean the difference between profit and loss.
Collaborative Web browsing gives customers much-needed human interaction in a point-and-click world.
New web-based technologies give companies speedy ways of understanding their customers' buying habits.
H&R Block uses CRM to overhaul its business processes.
Reality Check
To move forward, often we must look back. Here's a look back, CRM-style.
Marketswitch uses the power of mathematical analytics to determine the most profitable marketing campaign strategies.
Pragmatech software's products take the pain out of the request for proposal process.
CSO Insights
Taking knowledge to the point of sales and service.
Customer Care
Believe it or not, dot coms can teach traditional marketers a thing or two about customer relationships.
The Edge
Privacy officers promise to protect and serve...everyone.
NetPerceptions predicts customer buying behavior.
Can Quintus rebound from financial falsehoods?
Hot Prospects
The latest products and services
A bulletin board of CRM implementations.
If your e-mail box is overflowing with customers' inquiries, ServiceEngine.com might help you track and handle your online communications.
Movers & Shakers
The president and CEO of Commergent Technologies listens first and innovates second.
Touching Base
In Closing
What, if anything, can make George W. Bush seem like something other than an election-stealin' doofus? The answer: CRM, of course.

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