CRM Magazine: October 2001
Magazine Features
In the increasingly busy intersection where business data collides, middleware is the traffic cop that will direct your enterprise data to ROI Avenue.
Television retailer ShopNBC explores the enterprise solution galaxy with Oracle 11i.
Making Web-based CRM investments count
Terminology is like currency--invaluable, but if too much of it is thrown around, it becomes devalued. Is demand chain management simply CRM under a new label, or a truly breakthrough business model?
Boldfish hooks customers by delivering thousands of personalized e-mail messages.
CSO Insights
Sounds simple, doesn't it? But it turns out process analysis can be a challenging task. Here are some first steps.
Customer Care
By automating multiple channels, you can put an end to customer service nightmares.
The Edge
Web analytics extend the call center
Rapid implementation promises mean pared down offerings--and new expectations.
Japan's Seven-Eleven stores up sales with tanpin kanri.
From the boiling pot of CRM vendors comes more best-of-breed choices and the idea of enterprise-wide integrated solutions.
Finnish-owned SFA provider plans re-launch for October
CRM industry events and announcements
Experts say that lofty CRM visions of complete customer understanding are impossible to achieve without a solid analytical framework. How are analytical CRM providers bridging the gap between ambition and reality?
My Siebel is a spinoff on the company's own intranet
Hot Prospects
The latest CRM products and services
Movers & Shakers
NuEdge's chief customer officer is changing the way his staff and customers think.
Touching Base
Success in CRM is achieved one step at a time
In Closing
It's tough getting the gritty CRM stories.

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