CRM Magazine: September 2001
Magazine Features
Will the use of CRM technology in the public sector help government reconnect with the people?
By outsourcing your contact center to a partner, you can lower expenses, not to mention your blood pressure. But that's only if you find the right partner. Here's how.
Customer-centric online banking is coming soon to a PC, laptop and wireless device near you.
Guided selling applications can automate the process of steering a customer to the product that's right for both them and for the manufacturer. But they don't come cheap and require serious institutional self-enlightenment.
Four Ways to Maintain Focus in Troubled Times
Reconnecting people and government through CRM
Reality Check
Product life cycles morph into "promotion" life cycles in CRM-land.
e-commerce solutions from cardservice International mean any business can accept credit cards.
e-Faq, from Interactive Intelligence, makes it easy to answer online queries.
Simulated people offer customer service online, fostering self-service and enhancing the customer experience.
CSO Insights
Many firms recognize they still have a long way to go to fully empower their sales forces.
The Edge
Failure to prioritize business functions is the leading cause of CRM failure.
SAP/Yahoo! and AOL Time Warner/PurchasePro try to get traction in both the business and consumer worlds.
Infotility helps California companies conserve energy.
Several of the common concerns about outsourcing providers are unfounded.
Hot Prospects
The latest products and services.
Movers & Shakers
The CEO of Applix strikes gold with CRM analytics.
A passion for people and technology makes the CEO of eshare want "to work forever, until the very last second."
Touching Base
In Closing
Government is ready for CRM. But is CRM ready for government?

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