CRM Magazine: July 2001
Magazine Features
Your company can reap growing profits hiring CRM-savvy salespeople--ones who know how to cultivate customer relationships.
After e-mail inquiries overwhelmed software vendor Viewpoint, the company employed the latest in self-help contact center technology. Now customers' questions are answered, and stress levels at Viewpoint are low.
Many companies, themselves on the cutting edge, are looking for the newest, most productive ways to improve their relationships with customers. They are finding them in solutions that automate relationships via the Web.
Save time and money on travel and heighten service levels by meeting online with colleagues, customers and prospects.
Reality Check
Tell me... who blew it this time?
Xelus' product suite helps organizations optimize their service operations.
Ingenium tracks employee training wherever it may be--the computer or the classroom.
Customer Care
When it's done right, Voice-over Internet Protocol can revolutionize online customer service.
The Edge
Coming Events
The Sage Group offers to acquire interact commerce.
Will CRM vendors withstand the current economic climate?
Hot Prospects
Ernst & Young forms a partnership for cost-effective online marketing.
The latest products and services
A bulletin board of CRM implementations
Movers & Shakers
The CEO of PeopleSoft turns his eyes from the back to the front office--and re-launches an industry giant.
The CEO of YOUcentric has a wife, seven kids and a great job. Not bad for a former IHOP busboy…
Touching Base
In Closing
The Internet-related death of a home delivery institution sends Hollywood alcoholics into spasms of grief.

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