CRM Magazine: January/February 2018
Magazine Features
This year, customers are demanding that service organizations build out self-service, automate where possible, and empower agents.
Digital influencers are the new stars of the internet, and the endurance of social media suggests they'll continue to be valuable. Here's what marketers need to know.
Marketing and service teams know where customers came from, but do your salespeople?
Front Office
Considering that word of mouth is still the best way to gain new business, influencer marketing makes a lot of sense—and cents
The Tipping Point
All contributions to a sale aren't equal, and neither should be the rewards
Scouting Report
Speech and text analytics have become indispensable to the customer journey, and increased adoption and a replacement cycle are the next stage.
Customer Experience
Your company can either navigate the digital deluge, or be swamped by it.
Small Biz Buzz
Keep these eye-popping stats in mind when charting your course for the coming year.
Companies worldwide—and marketers in particular—need to prepare for the regulation, which takes full effect in May.
Video ad fraud is a threat, but companies can take precautions to protect their budgets and reputations
Some customers are just worth letting go, regardless of their monetary value.
The vitamin vendor builds customer trust using retail personalization technology
A technology provider for local pizzerias streamlines support operations with ticketing and communication software

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