CRM Magazine: November 2000
Magazine Features
International CRM systems girdle the globe, streamlining communication with customers.
Internet commerce demands a high level of real-time customer service. Today's desk systems can, well, help.
West Virginia bank relies on CRM software to reinvent itself.
An ASP solution builds business for a California resort by keeping snow-seekers up to date on where to find the white stuff.
Predicting and accommodating fluctuations in those ringy-dingies continues to challenge call center managers.
Marketsoft's eOffers helps dot coms market smarter.
Vertical industries ignore traditional rivalries and rush to establish online markets.
Reality Check
Five research reports that will help you make more intelligent CRM decisions.
You ought to expect the same kind of customer-centric selling from your software supplier that you hope to provide to your own market.
Upshot.com brings the power of a custom sales management solution to any business.
Web+center's suite of support applications makes it easy for organizations to help their customers and themselves.
With a new e-commerce edition, Rockwell's transcend call routing application takes customer contact higher.
CSO Insights
CRM is not a three-legged stool; it's a four-legged chair.
Customer Care
Rethinking your return policy can both reduce returns and create better customer relationships.
The Edge
Can lawsuits by victims of botched software implementations hold vendors and consultants to a higher standard?
One e-business company realized that if it's good enough for NASA…
No one doubts that mobile Web access is a valuable business tool. but given the current state of the technology, is it a wise business investment?
Hot Prospects
The latest products and services
Don't be shy--or lazy. Get out and meet your customers face-to-face. Technology can't replace a personal connection.
A bulletin board of CRM implementations
Touching Base
Put your money where your mouth is--it's time we heard a more complete story.
In Closing
Despite technologies that span the globe, the world's still a pretty wide place.

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