CRM Magazine: January 2001
Magazine Features
As technology evolves and customers' expectations rise, competitive companies invest in a smarter, more versatile--and more demanding--breed of call center agent.
Is the chief customer officer a meaningful addition to the widening CXO pantheon, or just a flavor-of-the-moment corporate deity?
In the sales arena, the Internet is stealing the show. So what's a direct sales force to do?
Adding interactive technologies to your call center will improve customer service, build loyalty and powerfully coordinate your customer service resources.
Are you comfortable turning over your customer information to strangers?
Reality Check
Is the potential high cost of using consultants worth it?
YOUcentric's "adapt-to-order" relationship management application puts you in the developer's seat.
The eService Suite helps organizations meet the challenges of customer service in the Internet age.
Frontstep CRM brings the power of the Internet to customer relationship management.
CSO Insights
What's in the future of CRM?
Customer Care
The second of a two-part series, this column continues to explore channels, tools and processes that help companies provide the tailored customer service they need to stay competitive.
The Edge
New communications model appreciates a crucial CRM emphasis.
Financial services firms step in to guarantee online deals.
CRM news from around the industry
A successful software solution is crowned with its fourth Software Technical Assistance Recognition award.
The burgeoning Application Service Provider (ASP) field is positioning itself for enterprise relationships.
Hot Prospects
The latest products and services
A bulletin board of CRM implementations
Touching Base
CRM is more key than ever.
In Closing
It's time to get past the dot bombs and technology stocks adjustment. The Internet is here to stay, and we should change the way we think of it.

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