CRM Magazine: August 2000
Magazine Features
As online training catches on in the CRM world, trainees are taking their seats in front of a computer to learn the basics of relationships, retention and ROI.
The drive to increase customer loyalty leads Nissan North America into the heart of CRM.
Speech recognition technology has many potential applications in sales and marketing--including some you probably haven't thought of.
Today's brands don't just represent products; they symbolize a company's relationship with its customers.
Get a jump on the hot business ideas by perusing the new titles.
Reality Check
Despite some initial misgivings, pundits are becoming more optimistic about the ASP model for CRM applications.
ShortCycles sales and marketing information exchange helps deliver the right documents right now to help close the deal.
Tacit Knowledge Systems turns e-mail into KnowledgeMail.
CSO Insights
New CRM offerings, many of them web-based, make CRM affordable for smaller sales organizations and those with limited IT resources.
Customer Care
Analytical technologies may help your company link siloed customer information and build more satisifying customer relationships.
The Edge
Cisco, EMC, Oracle form a partnership for e-commerce efficiency
HR outsourcer staff leasing replaces paper-based CRM system--and burns it--with Oracle software.
Upcoming events in the CRM industry
Encirq offers a solution that tracks consumers' online buying habits without revealing personal information
Despite some growing pains, wireless makes sense: it really can reduce lag time and the cost of sales.
Finali and eConvergent join forces to revive live chat for customer service
Invensys To Acquire Baan; More CRM news from around the industry
SAP and Clarify are getting together. Clarify's partnership architect Dennis Cunningham tells us why.
Hot Prospects
Is it live? Or is it Eve?
TTG's Territory Mapper v1.12. Plus: The latest products and services.
A bulletin board of CRM implementations
Touching Base
In Closing
In the age of demographics, psychographics and technographics, can there be any surprises?

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