CRM Magazine: October 2000
Magazine Features
Not all CRM investments show up directly on the bottom line. Intangibles like loyalty and satisfaction are hard to measure, but important to value.
With new technology, businesses are finding they can make their critical business applications available to their mobile workers while they are still with the customer.
No longer limited to FAQs and figures, self-service help sites build customer satisfaction and save you money.
Coordinate selling efforts with your strategic partners to serve your customers better, and you'll both profit.
Hampered by regulation and a reputation for poor service, the insurance industry takes back ownership of its customer channels through new CRM initiatives.
Its potential is huge, but marketing automation also creates new organizational challenges. Here are some strategies for ensuring your project's success.
Reality Check
As CRM struggles to become a real, grown-up corporate discipline, a new breed of specialists replaces the pioneers.
Evaluate the effectiveness of your CRM implementation with North Highland's assessment methodology, SCORE.
Send marketing information where it's needed- -promptly and efficiently.
Vignette's V/Series opens a new book on building the e-business.
TotalView and TotalNet create cohesive call center management.

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