CRM Magazine: February 2001
Magazine Features
How can your company retain customers if it can't even follow through on orders? Here are 10 tips that will help you establish an effective fulfillment strategy-and keep customers happy.
iQVC creates a distribution hub to optimize fulfillment of irregular-sized orders of its growing product offerings.
A feature of pharmaceutical sales reps' lives for over 15 years, CRM gains even more importance in today's highly competitive healthcare market.
Business strategists use Sun Microsystem's increasingly speedy programming language to get personal with Web customers.
Marketers employ a long-underutilized touchpoint to build customer relationships.
Reality Check
Whether the technology likes it or not, it's time to remind ourselves who is at the center of CRM
CSO Insights
Achieving a smooth transition into CRM means listening to and addressing the various needs of a reluctant sales force.
Customer Care
When CRM is good, it's very, very good. But when it's bad...
The Edge
Online service means extending beyond the Web.
Mindarrow creates a CRM solution with sound and motion.
CRM news from around the industry.
Developing a CRM suite proved slow going for SAP, as has selling CRM into its thousands of back-office R/3 customers.
Siebel tackles analytics piece through partnerships.
X marks the spot just got a little complex.
Hot Prospects
The Latest Products and Services
A bulletin board of CRM implementations.
Movers & Shakers
The president of Delano Technology's analytics division puts the heartland on the high-tech map.
E.piphany's CEO goes from Big Five bigwig to CRM evangelist without missing a beat.
Touching Base
A recent Penn State study reveals a little something to be desired.
In Closing
Or, why I shop online.

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