CRM Magazine: December 2000
Magazine Features
During the year 2000, profits and potential soar as the CRM industry races to define itself and its future.
Web-based product development applications increase speed to market and keep customers, marketers and product developers in sync.
You say customer, they say client. A California law firm finds relationship management doesn't begin and end with the sales force.
With Incentive System's compensation solution, Jamba hires--and retains--the cream of the crop in a competitive labor market.
You may have to borrow a few pages from someone else's book to make sure you have the right skills for the new economy.
In the age of e-business, anything that interrupts your data systems can spell disaster--from acts of nature to human interference to mechanical failure. So advance planning is more important than ever.
Henry Ford offered his Model T in "any color you want, as long as it's black." Today, the automotive industry is under pressure to take a far different approach to customer satisfaction.
Reality Check
SFA begat CRM, which begat eCRM, which begat XRM...gimme a break.
Experts reflect on the year that was and prognosticate about the one to come.
Unica's Affinium suite gives marketers the tools to have one-to-one interactions with customers.
KnowDev takes contact center agents out of the classroom and keeps them in the phone queue.
Nice Systems gives contact centers the tools to analyze and improve the customer experience.
CSO Insights
Before purchasing a CRM system, make sure to budget according to your actual needs.
Customer Care
In a two-part series, this column explores channels, tools and processes that help companies provide the tailored customer service they need to stay competitive.
The Edge
Interactive TV market may top $17 billion in '05.
The readers speak up.
The Federal Trade Commission recognizes growth of B2B online marketplaces.
Alleged intellectual property violations are, as they say, another story.
Road warriors should learn to protect the soft, vulnerable underbelly of business: information.
Creating synchronicity for customer satisfaction.
Hot Prospects
Why "niche" applications will continue to play a role in the marketing automation environment.
The latest products and services
A bulletin board of CRM implementations
Touching Base
Larry's Top 10
In Closing
Have banks never heard of CRM, or are they intentionally trying to alienate their customers?

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