CRM Magazine: July 2000
Magazine Features
This year's presidential candidates use CRM on the Internet to drum up support.
Political campaigns are turning to CRM tools and techniques to find and reach their customers--the voting public.
With CRM sitting in the market's sweet spot, ERP vendors struggle to be relevant.
Gas and electric utilities are turning to the Internet to retain customers in the face of deregulation and growing competition.
Separating software from process, CRM emerges as a customer-centric sea change for companies.
Widespread attacks on the Internet present a plethora of business problems.
Get out of your comfort zone and learn to love customer complaints.
Reality Check
This company learned the hard way that when it comes to implementing CRM, it's easier to make promises than to keep them.
One-Comp offers compensation solutions that range from plan design and software to implementation and maintenance.
Silent Partners creates customized selling tools that encourage an interactive dialog with prospects while demonstrating your product's value proposition.

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