CRM Magazine: November 1999
Magazine Features
Will SFA bolster or bust your career?
Overshadowed by client-server and Web-based applications, hampered by some technical deficiencies, this venerable platform isn't out of the SFA picture quite yet.
Reality Check
The success of your SFA project may depend on the consultant who advises you.
SFA software gives the world's largest insulin maker a competitive shot in the arm.
CSO Insights
These six critical success factors are the key to using e-business to reinvent customer relationships.
The Edge
Web-based sales and marketing efforts demand great graphics to get their point across. Fortunately, digital imaging solutions are getting faster, cheaper and easier to use.
Discover how change management can promote the success of your CRM project.
UpShot.com ups the ante in the ASP market.
Why spend millions on advertising when Netizens are willing to do all the work for free?
Hot Prospects
Sony Digital Mavica marches to its own drummer.
A bulletin board of SFA implementations.
For those who need to take pictures for presentations or send shots on the road back to the office, there is a digital camera that will make the job easier.
Compaq's Dive Into the Portable Projector Market Is a Perfect Ten.
KidsPeace finds Eloquent way to educate people about its programs.
Is marketing automation a legitimate industry or an Internet-based free-for-all or both?
Contact management for shorter sales cycles is this veteran's strong suit.
Touching Base
In Closing
In the age of computer creep, are there still technology-free zones?

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