CRM Magazine: July 1999
Magazine Features
The battle lines are drawn, and the CRM camp is seeking allies.
Kraft Foods' automated solutions offer intelligence on the quick.
Approach this sale with all the care you would any other million-dollar deal.
Reality Check
We talk a lot about sales force automation. What about sales manager automation?
CSO Insights
Ideas you can apply to improve your project's success.
The Edge
Corporate portals hold the promise of supplying myriad types of enterprise data through one easy-to-use interface, but is the concept ready for prime time?
W.W. Grainger improves service by quickly and efficiently responding to customer inquiries.
Is the Bendata/GoldMine merger a match made in heaven, or a marriage of convenience?
Today's account management software tracks client information and history-all at the click of a button.
Seeing sales as the outcome of a process is the key to customer satisfaction.
During the past year, CRM software maker Vantive Corp. suffered bruising managerial upheaval, lackluster earnings and plummeting stock values. In the wake of such tumult, industry observers think Thomas L. Thomas, the man Vantive's beleaguered board recently hired to resuscitate the company, has his work cut out for him.
Hot Prospects
It may look like a smaller version of a standard notebook, but NEC's MobilePro 800 runs the Windows CE operating system.
You put a lot into maintaining your customer relationships. Applix Enterprise 7.0 delivers real-time information and tools to help you stay on top of your game.
The Wedge MiniNote cuts some corners but delivers respectable performance.
The Palm IIIx is the most expandable Palm device to date.
Touching Base
In Closing
Give your sales reps the CRM tools they really need.

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