CRM Magazine: September 1999
Magazine Features
An investment in SFA training can reduce support costs and improve the return from your automation project.
Marketing has been a low priority for enterprise automation strategy. But now vendors recognize its link to customer loyalty and profitability.
Will your CRM vendor be around in five years? Ask those who invest in CRM companies for a living: venture capitalists.
Reality Check
IN THIS final installment of a three-part series on challenges facing sales managers, we will examine increased competition and issues surrounding new hires. We will also look at how CRM/SFA technology can assist managers in meeting the challenge.
CSO Insights
A new study reveals that when it comes to sales effectiveness, many companies don't measure up.
The Edge
By now it is clear that e-commerce is rapidly changing the landscape of business. But after all the new systems are up and running, how is e-commerce truly affecting your customer relationships and the efforts of your marketing and sales teams? Also, how can your organization capitalize on its e-commerce investment and improve customer service? By defining how to leverage and manage an e-CRM strategy, the answers will become clear.
CD distributor fine-tunes its sales and inventory operations.
SalesLogix and IBM join forces in the emerging ASP market. That's a smart move...isn't it?
Interview with BARRY WILDERMAN, vice president of application delivery strategies, META Group www.metagroup.com
Interview with Christopher Fletcher, analyst, Aberdeen Group
Interview with MICHAEL BERNSTEIN, research analyst, Gartner Group
Interview with THOMAS GORMLEY, senior analyst, Forrester Research www.forrester.com
Look for these five important features to make managing your sales force easier.
Industry standards and greater ease of use are gaining videoconferencing the popularity that many think it deserves.
Despite their interest, companies keep CRM at arm's length.
Hot Prospects
Users of personal digital assistants have been living in a black and white world-trade-offs in cost, battery life and screen readability have made color an elusive dream. Until now.
TravRoute's auto guide adds millions more addresses and miles of road.
Flexibility and plenty of sales impact highlight this down-to-earth product.
For many enterprise applications, the ToughBook 33 eliminates the need for an array of pen tablets, notebooks and H/PC devices.
Touching Base
Management. Market. Customers. Competitive advantage. Key indicators of success that apply to almost any business.
In Closing
Reflections on the new business paradigm.

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