CRM Magazine: December 1999
Magazine Features
Leaders Who Helped Build the Customer Connection Infrastructure for Today...and Tomorrow.
CSO Insights
If you feel your company is under siege, you're not just paranoid. In the Internet age, threats come from more than just your competition.
The Edge
Is the overlooked low-end market viable? More and more CRM vendors seem to think it is.
Johnson & Johnson binds its field forces.
MarketFirst's CEO Pete Tierney wants to capture the marketing automation market-"all of it."
A basic guide to successful hardware shopping.
Packaged goods giants listen for the ka-ching in CRM.
Criticized for interrupting evening meals and business meetings, telesales/telemarketing seemed to be just impersonal telephone calls made from obscure direct marketing lists. Not any more.
Understanding the new role of the chief financial officer.
Hot Prospects
The Bank of Scotland improves customer service, productivity and sales with CRM solution.
The Palm VII offers the smoothest out-of-the-box experience yet.
Remote-control file-transfer programs give managers almost total control over remote systems--and field reps a little peace of mind.
In 1999, the CRM industry continued its long march toward consolidation.
Starting from a blank slate, Moss Software has designed a truly up-to-date customer relationship management program.
Touching Base
In Closing
SalesAutopsy.com wants salespeople to feel better. It also wants their money.

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