CRM Magazine: March 2000
Magazine Features
Ignoring data privacy issues puts your bottom line at risk.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Hampshire's InfoBuilder solution streamlines the proposal process.
Reality Check
What does CEO Mary Coleman's departure mean for ERP-cum-CRM vendor Baan? Hint: It ain't good news.
Hyperion's Essbase server helps organizations combine and analyze data.
Online mortgage lender DiTech is cutting costs and boosting profits with marketing automation software.
Clientele lets everybody in on important customer interactions.
CSO Insights
A new breed of CRM solutions is designed to meet the needs of specific vertical industries.
Customer Care
The Edge
Creating an interactive business environment first requires that a company examine its goals and link its various processes into one collaborative effort.
Several big CRM vendors and some little players, too are coming out with Web sites where salespeople can meet and access the services they need. What's it all about?
This Unix derivative is gaining wide popularity with Web developers. How will it impact your CRM system?
It's not the confusion between feet and meters that has customer interaction centers in a tizzy, but when it comes to measuring quantity versus quality, it's been as much of a struggle. It doesn't have to be.
Two leading carmakers roll out online procurement initiatives, boosting e-commerce.
Johnson Controls improves customer satisfaction by centralizing information.
Put your resources to work by making them available at a keystroke.
Hot Prospects
Marketing automation applications have finally gotten off the ground, but is the direction they're headed really where we want to go?
A bulletin board of SFA implementations
Touching Base
In Closing
My satisfaction level was adequate-until they started measuring it.

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