CRM Magazine: May 2000
Magazine Features
CRM forces information technology departments to reevaluate their place in the organization.
Traditional companies are finding that the Web offers new ways to cement customer relationships.
Build customer loyalty by maximizing your web site's potential
Despite some false starts, wireless sales support now looks as if it's headed for deployment. How soon will it change your business?
Intarka's ProspectMiner runs time-saving lead searches on the Web.
CSO Insights
Distributor networks are often a critical part of a company's sales strategy, but these partners are rarely included in CRM initiatives. Should they be?
Customer Care
Make your training dollars count with essential follow-up practices.
If you are reading these words, you are a knowledge worker. If you are a knowledge worker, there are things you need to know...
The Edge
Vendors garner excellence awards from two CRM consultants.
Mobile technology is still largely unsatisfactory for the serious business user, but there are glimmers of hope.
MarketSoft's eOffers helps companies coordinate offers and promotions.
Privacy advocates cringed when this online advertiser linked supposedly anonymous clickstream data with consumers' private info.
Hot Prospects
Understanding the server technology that supports your marketing automation system could take time, but it's a must for successful deployment.
Touching Base
In Closing
One well-publicized complaint could be all it takes to tarnish your company's reputation

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