CRM Magazine: April 2003
Magazine Features
Vendors have begun to put in place structured ROI calculation tools to quantify value from the outset.
One of the best ways for a company to increase customer satisfaction is to make sure there is a thorough understanding throughout the organization of what customers really want, then use that information to follow up with actions, solutions, and resolutions.
CRM is turning call centers into profit centers.
Follow these 10 steps and you'll have information that really means something, rather than just have a lot of data that confuses more than it informs.
Front Office
Reality Check
If you have a vested interest in having customers, then field service is not only relevant to you, but is also a crucial part in the successful CRM mechanism.
In the current market of integrators owning shares in vendors, companies need to be aware of the basis for some recommendations.
Avoiding the crush of Microsoft CRM
How Allied streamlined 30 varied sales strategies into one.
Sara Lee used VisionWare's Tele-Scope to improve service, because it addressed all the baked-goods company's needs--it tracks and routes calls, triggers automatic paging, and provides a centralized database that can be sliced and diced into call categories.
Secret of My Success
Annette Walker, senior vice president, strategy, Memorial Care Centers, tells how a little can data lead to an extra $7 million a year.

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