CRM Magazine: August 2017
Magazine Features
Rapid growth in mobile payments offers a real opportunity for businesses, and marketers in particular, to transform their customer relationships
You need to make transactions frictionless to keep customers coming back
General Motors drives loyalty across its brands with a customer experience initiative. A Q&A with David Mingle, global director of customer experience strategy and enterprise experiences at General Motors
Front Office
Companies, vendors, and consumers should be prepared to work together to curb the possible misuse of the technology
Reality Check
The need to understand and engage newly empowered customers (hello, Millennials) is driving innovation.
The Tipping Point
Online disruptors and a new breed of digital consumer mean its sink-or-swim time for traditional retailers and consumer goods sellers
Your customers want to interact with you when, and how, they choose. Your journey design processes should support them.
Pint of View
So you've got egg on your face. Now what?
Customer Experience
Forward-thinking companies must find ways to make the cacophony of customer experience technologies play together
Companies are safe from lawsuits for now
When it comes to managing CX, companies need to take a disciplined approach
B2B e-commerce will reach $1.2 trillion by 2021; companies need to become more digitally savvy to remain competitive
In today's marketplace, companies should make things harder on themselves, not their customers
The salon and spa scheduling company benefits from Five9 in its contact center
The global storage and data management provider used SDL to deliver content in 16 languages simultaneously
Rose-Hulman's tutoring service ups user satisfaction thanks to Genesys and Interactive Intelligence's PureCloud contact center solution
The Next Step
Good pipeline management requires clear thinking and knowing when to cut a deal loose.

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