CRM Magazine: June 2017
Magazine Features
The debate rages on as to whether empathy can be taught
Today's intelligent systems can learn from customer data to discover and provide insights that drive better experiences, heighten employee engagement, and inspire companies to innovate
To remain competitive, marketers need to prepare now to capitalize on IoT technology
Front Office
In customer relationships today, there is no tolerance for slip-ups, no second chance to do better next time
Reality Check
Multiple departments working at cross-purposes can sound a discordant note
Customers trust ‘people like me'; it's time for your business to become ‘a company like me'
Pint of View
Customers will put up with a lot, but usually only so much.
Customer Experience
But great customer experiences will rely on leveraging chatbots for their strengths.
Effective sales team leadership calls for a strategic approach to individualized coaching.
Companies are just as much to blame for bad marketing relationships
Internet service providers, and social networks, can continue to collect and sell customer data
Pressure is mounting on marketers to better control where their brand messages appear.
Speakers urged companies to adopt technologies that get customers in and out without a hassle
While AI has its advantages, it can't display empathy, which is why businesses need to build relationships
For chatbots to be effective, they need to deliver the right information with little effort
The social platform helps harness influencers to spread the word on the bank's mobile app
The platform's listening posts enable the credit union to create member-centric services
The media sharing and collaboration firm has built stronger bonds with its customers
The Next Step
But the actions they take are what separate them.

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