CRM Magazine: March 2017

Magazine Features
Analysis of consumer information has become a complex, multistage process. Businesses need to understand each stage—and how they work together—to be competitive
As customer interactions move online, agents might need to brush up on their misplaced modifiers
Talent acquisition, training, and time management can help sustain a successful sales culture
Front Office
The industry continues to sustain itself with a steady flow of start-ups and cutting-edge innovations that expand what CRM can do
Reality Check
Increasing adoption is a challenge, but demonstrating value can win reps over
The Tipping Point
Messaging tools are wildly popular, but that's not the only reason to make them a service option
Scouting Report
Increased reliability, flexibility, and security of solutions make them an increasingly obvious choice
Pint of View
Is industry analysis real, or is it doublespeak?
Customer Experience
Good customer experience drives revenue, but your argument will need to show nuance
Financial services customers see benefits in using computer-generated services
Organizations are set to increase IoT spending to optimize operations, but the technology isn't without risks
Businesses must think about retaining customers long before they acquire them
Leading retailers are going beyond omnichannel to improve customer experience
Once that happens, enterprise applications of the technology will soar
With Zendesk's help, a ‘dog bot' fetches answers for customers of the canine treat provider
A healthcare information and technology company closes business faster with SpringCM's contract management software
The company taps Hootsuite for all its social media management, and its holiday 2016 campaign was a hit on Instagram
The Next Step
A company learns that it can be both

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