CRM Magazine: December 2015
Magazine Features
Direct messaging, tighter security, and data integration add to social media's feasibility as a customer service platform
Smart giveaways, targeted messaging, and engaging social conversations make for meaningful event engagements
Why companies should closely examine their approach to collecting, cleaning, and maintaining their data
Front Office
Firms must be smart about the ways they collect and maintain customer data.
Reality Check
This new catalyst for developers leverages the power of technology across many disciplines
The Tipping Point
What does it mean for you? That there's a conversation going on—so don't get left out of it.
What hype-worthy wrinkles are in store for 2016?
Pint of View
Tarantino's favorite cinematic opiate makes the transition to mobile
Customer Experience
A correlation exists, but it depends on your industry, your competitors, and your customers
Salesforce.com and SAP bring e-commerce capabilities to social communities
Sharing customer data across the pond will get harder
Brands need to embrace more collaborative business models
The sixth consecutive quarterly dip bodes poorly for retailers heading into the holidays
The corporate travel company sees a boost in efficiency with the contract-signing solution
A virtual assistant by CodeBaby helps users navigate the insurance provider's Web site
The Next Step
Engaged workers will feel connected to the bigger picture

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