CRM Magazine: July 2014
Magazine Features
As new channels emerge, context-based marketing plays a crucial role.
Contact centers have deployed new technologies in silos; integration is difficult but not impossible.
Salespeople must track the customer journey across multiple channels and be more collaborative than ever.
Front Office
A company must connect all of its interaction channels so a customer can traverse them without losing any data.
Reality Check
The technology that changed business is now being changed by business.
The Tipping Point
In business and personal relationships, words are as important as actions.
Scouting Report
Flexibility is key to meeting evolving business challenges.
Pint of View
You can only play so much Follow the Leader.
Customer Experience
Integrated technologies hold great promise for the future of CRM.
Small Biz Buzz
When CEOs listen to the voice of the customer, everyone wins.
Privacy seekers share demographic and behavior traits, according to IDC.
As the roles of top executives evolve, new positions emerge to fill the gaps.
Keynotes highlight convergence of CRM, ERP, and e-commerce.
Smarter Commerce Summit shows companies that moments matter.
Today's large retailers are connecting with customers in new ways.
The three-act approach is the new way to sell.
8x8's Virtual Office and Virtual Contact Center improve operations at the cruise booking site.
Sales and marketing automation company offers tailored solution for the mortgage banker.
Tag management vendor's data matching capability delivers a 10 percent conversion boost for the flash sale site.

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