CRM Magazine: May 2014
Magazine Features
Labor rates are no longer the main concern as companies consider outsourcing their contact centers.
What business schools are doing to better prepare your future employees.
Using smartphones, tablets, and creative displays, retailers can give consumers the best of both worlds.
Front Office
To collect valuable insight, organizations must tackle a few emerging data trends.
Reality Check
For some companies, ease of use is winning out over functionality.
The Tipping Point
The risk and opportunity of promising seamless customer experiences.
Scouting Report
Adoption of these solutions is poised to take off over the next few years.
Pint of View
Newton was even more right than he knew.
Customer Experience
Six steps for understanding your customers.
Social Media Research Foundation takes a social snapshot.
Consumers like receiving notices, but companies need to use them cautiously.
Retailers need to focus on mobile user experience and responsive design to capitalize on growth.
Convergence keynote speaker says businesses that serve customers best are P2P (people-to-people).
Today's sales professionals must be quicker thinkers and learners.
Photo-sharing site uses Live Person to help members with design projects.
Sales enablement technology helps answer questions for custom orders.
Ad retargeter helps ticket aggregator's ad click-through rate rise to triple the industry average.

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