CRM Magazine: February 2014
Magazine Features
New channel interactions don't have to be complicated.
Along with mobile, new tools and technologies are changing email marketing—is your brand ready?
How to transform selling through coaching, collaboration technology, and sales analytics.
Front Office
Despite its limitations, progressive organizations are leveraging social media as part of an omnichannel customer service strategy.
Reality Check
Adoption is growing, but concerns remain.
The Tipping Point
Five tips for retaining customers.
When definitions are in flux, flexibility is key.
Pint of View
Communication is good, overkill is not.
Customer Experience
Providing good service is not rocket science.
Voice of the Customer
Gain a fresh perspective by understanding the paths your customers take.
Pricing and sales differ when men buy gift for women.
Generating roughly $300 million in 2013. AR apps are catching marketers' attention.
Merchants and banks tie sales to past purchase behavior.
Turn your customers' passion into a long-lasting brand relationship.
Online retailers gain new customers and drive sales with limited-time offerings.
Sixty-three percent of firms plan additional investments in 2014, LexisNexis research finds.
Software collaboration sales team focuses on highest quality leads with Lattice's Predictive Lead Scoring.
Muscogee Creek Nation's Enacomm solution overcomes the challenge of spiking call volumes.
SimpleFeed's predictive publishing capabilities deliver a 53 percent lift in engagement

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