CRM Magazine: October 2013
Magazine Features
Improve customer engagement with real-time marketing.
Companies are tying KM systems into CRM solutions to maximize understanding and use of internal resources, but the process can be onerous.
Advances in speech security have made it more feasible and reliable as a call center tool.
Front Office
Organizations should take a serious look at how they are managing their data.
Reality Check
All we know now is just a dress rehearsal.
The Tipping Point
Focusing on employee engagement and culture will go a long way.
How American Girl dolls became much more than child's play.
Pint of View
What we can learn from etymology and an ancient general
Customer Experience
Seven trends businesses cannot afford to ignore.
Small Biz Buzz
Strategies may change, but the key to success remains the same.
Tracking consumers in stores and online brings privacy issues back into the spotlight.
Nearly a third of marketing emails are viewed—a major increase compared to recent years.
Ninety-four percent call it crucial for customer data integration.
Learning from Amazon.com's success, businesses leverage e-commerce to bypass retailers.
The industry is making up for lost time with a focus on new strategies.
It's not just about the coffee.
Curalate helps Michaels launch image-centric promotion.
Retention Science helps BikeBerry engage and keep customers.
3C Logic helps a credit counseling service 'keep up with customers.'

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