CRM Magazine: February 2012
Magazine Features
While the oldest members of this generation are starting to retire, marketers should not panic—many members of this cohort will be working for years to come.
This generation's size and spending power doesn't rival other generations, but its presence and influence should not be ignored.
They're young, educated, and tech-savvy. Here's how to get them to pay attention to you
Front Office
Reality Check
What retailers can learn from baseball.
The Tipping Point
Strategies for success in today's—and tomorrow's—business landscape.
Takeaways any business can use.
Pint of View
"Hit 'em where they ain't" works great in baseball, not in business.
Customer Experience
Increase your ROI with an investment in attitude.
Small Biz Buzz
Rising competition demands a holistic strategy.
Proposed legislation would prevent United States firms that off-shore contact center jobs from receiving government funds.
An analyst firm predicts that mobile shopping will create a multibillion-dollar industry for credit card companies, online retailers, and mobile operators.
Business analytics return $10.66 for every dollar spent; CRM systems return $5.60.
E-commerce apps are a big piece of the development landscape.
It's time to transform those "likes" into sales.
AG Salesworks helps a software developer uncover more prospects.
Vocantas IVR helps Avila University reach out to students in danger of transferring or dropping out.
Marketing team hones in on members through email messages.

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